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Triad Of Creativity, Balance And Strength Gemstone Ring Set


Triad Of Creativity, Balance And Strength Gemstone Ring Set

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Embrace The Power Of Earth’s Treasures With Our Triad Of Gemstone Rings. Delicately Crafted With 2mm Beads On A Versatile Stretch Cord, These Dainty Rings Are Designed To Adorn Most Fingers With Grace. Each Ring Not Only Dazzles With Its Inherent Beauty But Also Resonates Deeply With Holistic Healing Properties:

  • Carnelian: A Vibrant Stone Known To Restore Vitality And Motivation, And Stimulate Creativity. It Also Dispels Apathy And Motivates For Success.
  • Unakite: A Harmonizing Gemstone That Balances Emotions With Spirituality, Offering Gentle Grounding And Fostering Transformation And Rebirth.
  • Tiger’s Eye: A Protective Stone That Is Traditionally Believed To Ward Off The Evil Eye, Promoting Mental Clarity And Aiding In Resolving Problems Objectively And Unclouded By Emotions.

Interspersed With Radiant Brass Beads, These Rings Become More Than Just Jewelry. They Symbolize A Journey Of Healing, Protection, And Transformation. Wear Them Together Or Individually, They’ll Serve As Your Daily Touchstones To Nature’s Nurturing Energies.

  • Set Of 3 Gemstone Rings: Carnelian, Unakite, And Tiger’s Eye
  • Each Ring Crafted With 2mm Gemstone Beads On Stretch Cord
  • Adorned With Accentuating Brass Beads
  • Fits Most Women’s Sizes With Its Adjustable Design