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Sterling Silver Snake Pendant

Sterling Silver Snake Pendant

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The Snake, A Creature Of Mystique And Fascination, Carries A Multitude Of Symbolic Meanings In The Metaphysical World. This Mesmerizing Creature, With Its Sinuous Form And Mesmerizing Gaze, Has Captured The Imagination Of Humankind Since Ancient Times.

Seen Both As An Emblem Of Fear And A Symbol Of Reverence, The Snake Embodies A Wide Range Of Paradoxical Attributes – From Healing And Transformation To Wisdom And Primal Energy. A Potent Symbol In The Metaphysical Realm, The Snake’s Symbolism Is Deeply Intertwined With Our Spiritual Journey, Offering Insights Into Life’s Cycles, The Process Of Personal Growth, And Our Quest For Balance And Wholeness.

  • Intricately Detailed Snake Charm
  • Made Of Sterling Silver Weighs About 16 Gms
  • Measures About 1.5″ Tall, 1″ Wide
  • Use It As A Pendant, Key Ring Charm, Pocket Talisman, Or More
  • The Chain Is Sold Separately
  • Symbol Of Transformation, Healing, Rebirth, And Spiritual Growth