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Sterling Silver Let Go Mantra Bracelet

Sterling Silver Let Go Mantra Bracelet

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Whatever We Cling To Most Is Often The First Thing We Must Let Go Of To Be Free. Letting Go Can Be An Act Of Liberation, A Moment Of Growth, And A Step Towards Happiness. Symbolic Bird Art Underscores Its Poetic Message Of Freedom.

  • Inspirational Mantra Bracelet
  • “Let Go”
  • Band Measures 6.5 Inches Long
  • Features Beautiful Bird Art
  • The Adjustable Band Fits Most

Please Be Gentle While Adjusting The Silver Band. Silver Is A Malleable Precious Metal And Adjustable Silver Jewelry Should Last A Reasonably Long Time If Gently Adjusted Within Its Limits. Please Refrain From Adjusting The Bracelet too Frequently Or Aggressivelly.