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Sterling Silver Chakra Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver Chakra Heart Pendant

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  • Artistic Chakra Heart Pendant
  • Made Of Sterling Silver
  • Contains 7 Chakra Gemstones
  • Measures About 1.25 X 1 Inches
  • Handmade In India


This Minimalist Heart Pendant Is Made Of Sterling Silver And Contains 7 Colored Gemstones That Represent The Ancient Chakra Energy Centers Within The Body:

  • Amethyst- Crown Chakra (Wisdom)
  • Iolite- Third Eye Chakra (Perception)
  • Blue Topaz- Throat Chakra (Speech, Truth)
  • Peridot- Heart Chakra (Compassion)
  • Citrine- Solar Plexus Chakra (Strength)
  • Carnelian- Sacral Chakra (Creativity)
  • Garnet- Root Chakra (Courage)

Handmade In India: Some Slight Variation In Size Or Color Of Gemstones May Be Apparent, Adding To The Artistic Character Of Each Item.