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Sterling Silver And Gemstone Chakra Earrings

Sterling Silver And Gemstone Chakra Earrings

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Chakras Are Known As Energy Centers Of The Body, And Each Chakra Oversees Different Emotional And Physical Functions. A Pair Of Sterling Silver Earrings Depicts One Of The Seven Chakras. Each Pair Is Set With A Colorful Gemstone That Corresponds To Its Given Chakra. See Below For The Names Of The Chakras And Their Gemstones. 

Amethyst: Crown Chakra (Wisdom)
Lapis: Third Eye Chakra (Eyes, Perception)
Turquoise: Throat Chakra (Speech, Truth)
Peridot: Heart Chakra (Compassion)
Citrine: Solar Plexus Chakra (Strength)
Carnelian: Sacral Chakra (Creativity)
Garnet: Root Chakra (Courage)

  • Dangling Chakra Earrings
  • Made Of Sterling Silver And Gemstones
  • Earring Charms Are Approximately ¾” Across
  • The Hanging Length Of Each Pair Ranges From 1” To 1 ½”
  • Choose From 1 Of 7 Chakra Symbols/gemstones
  • Made In India

This Item Was Made From Natural Materials And May Feature Slight Variations In Color, Finish And Appearance.


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Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra