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Lotus Gemstone Chakra Earrings, Sterling Silver

Lotus Gemstone Chakra Earrings, Sterling Silver

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Chakra-inspired Gemstones Make These Sterling Lotus Earrings Shine With Radiant Color And Sparkle. The Lotus Is A Symbol That Is Widely Embraced In Eastern Spirituality. It Is Said That Our Hearts Are Like The Lotus Before It Has Yet To Blossom When It Is Still Growing Through Muddy Waters. When We Live By Good Virtues In Tough Times, Our Hearts Will Open And Blossom. This Symbol Is Made All The More Meaningful With Faceted Gemstones Inspired By The Seven Chakras, Also Known As Energy Centers Of The Body. 

  • Lotus Gemstone Chakra Earrings
  • Sterling Silver With Gemstone Inlays
  • Marquise Gemstones (faceted)
  • Lotuses Each Measure About 0.75 X 0.75 Inches
  • Made In India

See Below For The Name Of Each Chakra, Its Significance, As Well As The Pendant’s Corresponding Gemstone. 

  • Amethyst- Crown Chakra (Wisdom)
  • Iolite- Third Eye Chakra (Perception)
  • Blue Topaz- Throat Chakra (Speech, Truth)
  • Peridot- Heart Chakra (Compassion)
  • Citrine- Solar Plexus Chakra (Strength)
  • Carnelian- Sacral Chakra (Creativity)
  • Garnet- Root Chakra (Courage)

Handcrafted: Artistically Created By Hand Where Beauty And Imperfections Go Together Wonderfully. Please Accept And Appreciate Minor Imperfections And Variations Which Are True Characteristics Of This Craft.