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Etched Crystal Om Pendant


Etched Crystal Om Pendant

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  • Depicts Om
  • Made Of Etched Crystal
  • Silver Setting
  • Pendant Diameter Is About 1 Inch
  • Handmade In India


Om Is Believed To Be The Sound Of Life, Present As A Vibration In All Living Beings And In Nature. It Is Also Believed That Om Was The Sound That Was Produced When This Universe Was Created. Om As A Sound With Mystical Properties Is Not Specific To Any Country, Civilization Or Religion. It Is A Universal Sound That Has Been Used In Many Faiths, Adapted To Suit The Spiritual Practices Of A Particular Group.

Handmade In India By Artisans Using Natural Materials. Each Piece Is Individually Crafted And Finished In A Rustic Fashion. This Process Ensures That No Two Pieces Are Exactly Alike. Variations In Size, Shape And Finish Make Each Piece A Unique Work Of Art.