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Energy Bracelets For Courage And Confidence, Set Of 3


Energy Bracelets For Courage And Confidence, Set Of 3

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Harness Your Inner Power! These Gemstone Bracelets Were Specifically Chosen For Their Strengthening Qualities.

Carnelian: The Fiery Red And Orange Stone Emanates A Warm Energy That Sparks Courage, And Strength. It Brings Manifestation Of One’s Desires.

Bronzite: Alleviates Feelings Of Self Doubt. Creates Confidence That Helps Us Find The Path To Fulfilling Our Dreams. A Protective Warrior Stone.

Brown Agate: Agate Is A Good Protective Energy Stone And Can Dispel Fears. Also Enhances Creativity And Stimulates Intellect.

  • Beaded Gemstone Trio For Courage And Confidence, Set Of Three Bracelets
  • Includes One Bracelet Each Of Bronzite, Carnelian, And Brown Agate
  • Stretchy Bands Adjust To Fit Most Wrist Sizes
  • Beads Measure Approximately 4 Mm Each

Due To The Nature Of Real Gemstone, Each Bracelet Will Feature Natural Variations In Color, Bead Details, And Overall Appearance. Such Characteristics Enhance The Unique Beauty Of Every Set.